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German Shepherd Related Links

  • The German Shepherd Dog Club of America is our parent club. Their site has much information about German Shepherd Dogs.

  • The American Kennel Club maintains the standards by which we run our shows and keeps records of pedigrees.

  • Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, L.L.C. is the superintendent for many of the all breed shows in our area.

  • INFO Dog also superintends shows, but theirs are mostly out of our area. They do, however, have lots of information about dogs, and they are leading in the fight against puppy mills through their No More Puppy Mills Headquarters page.

  • The Showgsd-l mail list is designed for those people that are interested in the breeding and showing of German Shepherd Dogs in the conformation ring. The list is run by a group of administrators who have volunteered their time to keep the list running smoothly. While the major thrust of this list is breeding and showing our dogs; health issues, rescue and performance issues are extremely important.

  • Dogz One, The Dog Breeder's Exchange and ON-LINE Magazine is another extensive site.

  • Austin German Shepherd Rescue - providing quality home placement for rescued, unwanted, and abandoned German Shepherd and German Shepherd mixes in the Austin and surrounding areas



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